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ComunidadA time for a Revolution of Tenderness

A time for a Revolution of Tenderness

See that girl, Esther Carenza, watch that scene, her remarkable efforts with unique nuances to make underserved children come alive is miraculous! A shining star, the genuine character of Esther comes across immediately in a room. Esther provides a haven for underserved children from diverse community groups who she brings together and makes a gloriously special day. The other striking comments from families is their extreme gratefulness for Esther, her significant efforts and strong leadership in the Children’s Holiday Get Together and Other Events although viruses are amongst and the effects of inflation. Esther, Chairperson of the Children’s Holiday Get Together and Other Events, creates innovative children’s programs, which command attention.

Balloons represented our inclusive colourful society. The flash of the fascinating firemen kindled the crowd. The beats of the Bridget Taylor Band took the underserved children and children of refugees from all over the country to a happy time and place at the Grandravine Community Centre on December 17, 2022. Well known and talented musicians, one to our knowledge, was from one of Shania Twain’s bands. A warm welcome from York University’s Film Department – Nakeisha Piper and Wacera Macharia – did the finest Christmas skit, “Give Love.” Trained people taught and assisted the underserved children with painting using water colours with a thanks to sponsors who made it all happen for the underserved children. The exceptionally talented film director of “Who is the Hero?”/“Qui est le heroes?”, Erfaneh Irannejad, lent her talents to face painting underserved children to put them in a festive mood.

From the North Pole with its leader, Rudolph, the “TTC Special Santa ride” came to pick up and brought underserved children and those of refugee families to spread the spirit and joy of Christmas to the Royal ball. For a few hours at the Grandravine Community Centre and in schools across Ontario, the world was a glow with tears of joy and laughter from the underserved children when they saw the brilliant beam of light, Esther Carenza and the beautiful, expensive gifts that followed her. It was like a dream come true for them.

The mouths of babes said: “The world that I found here is too good to be true.” It is a heart to heart celebration with Esther Carenza and the Children’s Holiday Get Together and Other Events.

Hark the angel say: “Esther is a public champion to so many underserved children and their families as well as people in the community across Canada.” It’s like a special power when this woman who has a special soul gets involved to promote the rights of the underserved children.” Esther says: You can build any dream, don’t ever look back, don’t let go, nothing is going to stop you now!


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